Snowbound Pack Speeds Out the Gate for Mantis Burn Racing

Snowbound Pack

The Snowbound Pack is now out for Mantis Burn Racing. The new DLC brings a wealth of new tracks and challenges to racers everywhere.

In addition to the snowy pack, players can also get hold of the Elite Class DLC that bring three new vehicles. These include three “elite” hovercraft that float over the track. The best part? Floating makes them less affected by track conditions. BOO YAH! This pack is available for $2.49.

The Snowbound Pack DLC is FREE!

Probably the best news today is that this DLC is free to all Mantis Burn Racing players. It contains four new icy tracks that add in some new challenges like sliding and slippery conditions. The single player campaign is also extended by including Season 2-3 of the Veteran Class career. Players complete 34 new events to work toward becoming a Champion.

You can learn more on the Mantis Burn Racing site.

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