Solas 128 Makes A Timely Update For Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Solas 128 Makes A Timely Update For Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Solas 128, the synthwave puzzle title from Amincable Animal, just got a timely update for Global Accessibility Awareness Day, enhancing the gaming experience for a range of gamers.

The new Solas 128 Accessibility update is the latest change to hit the brightly colored synthwave adventure from Amicable, but this isn’t cramming in any DLC or extra levels. Instead, the indie outfit concerned themselves with opening up this experience to as many players as possible. Available now, and launched on Global Accessibility Awareness Day, the update is primarily aimed at gamers with low-vision, color-blind and motor/physical accessibility requirements. In collaboration with Ian Hamilton, renowned Accessibility Specialist, the developers tweaked Solas 128 to add the following features to their title.

Visual Options (for visual processing accessibility)

Settings for the bloom/glow effect (original, low, off)
Settings for colour distortion/chromic aberration (original, low, off)
Option for the VHS-style video distortion effects (on, off)
Settings to simplify the game’s surrounding border pattern (original, static, solid colour)Option for the ‘flashing’ effect in the surrounding pattern (on, off)

Input Options (for motor accessibility)

New input type – original input is click & drag, new option removes requirement to hold down a button while dragging. One click to pick up, a second to put down
New optional precision input method – directional keys (d-pad on Switch) will move the cursor locked to the game’s tile grid, rather than as a smooth input.
Can either be depressed once per tile, or held down as desired
Analogue/mouse and precision input can be swapped between freely and used at the same time
New selection method – Next/Previous piece option helps players with visual processing issues or motor issues find and select important pieces.

Ian said “The new accessibility considerations for SOLAS 128 will broaden access further still, allowing more players than ever before to enjoy what the game has to offer. Substantial ongoing commitments like this are wonderful to see, and are a powerful example of the ability that micro-indies have to be at the forefront of accessibility.”

All the new changes are available on PC and Nintendo Switch, even coming bolted onto the free PC demo too. Now, hopefully, even more people can weave their way through this series of interconnected puzzles where and reconfigure rhythmic pulses of light to breathe life back into an ancient machine. To learn more about Solas 128 head over to the official website and check out more about GAAD too.

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