SolSeraph Announced By Sega

SolSeraph is coming this July and Sega’s brand new IP just dropped a trailer to accompany the surprise announcement.

Due to land on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on 10 July Sega’s new title comes from Ace Team, the same minds that brought Zeno Clash and Rock of Ages to life. This top-down strategy places players in the role of a divine being who must shepherd mankind away from their own destruction. As the god Helios, players must help the humans under their guard, occasionally touching down on Earth to clear the land of obstacles or evil. This turns a simple management sim into an action-platforming city-simulation hybrid that might sound contrived but is actually pretty exciting.

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In strategic mode, players will oversee the development of human settlements. Each tribe will need guidance on building new homes, farms, roads and other means of daily life. Players can manipulate the weather to the village’s benefit, construct temples, and help villages enhance their own knowledge.

When Helios descends, the entire game turns to an action mode. Clearing monsters means utilizing Helios’s sword, shield, and magical archery. Descending further into the Earth, players must root out the lairs of Young Gods, avoid traps, defeat a wide variety of enemies, and ultimately expunge them from the earth.

SolSerpah is essentially a spiritual successor to ActRiser, a game that was released way back in 1991 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. That Square Enix success spawned a 1993 follow up and we’ve really had nothing quite the same since. Now, Sega has even rounded up ActRisers primary composer, Tuzo Koshiro, for their latest venture, fuelling expectation that this is the next ActRiser.

The announcement of SolSeraph might be a surprise but it’s a welcome one. Coming in at around $14.99 it isn’t going to be much of a leap to take a chance on this homage. You can find out more about the plans for humanity over at the official SolSeraph website.

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