Solstice Chronicles: MIA launches July 26 on PC and Steam

If those floppy disks with Doom scratched across them taught me anything it is to never go to Mars! Fortunately for you, video game marines don’t ever seem to learn. Coming to Steam July 26th, Ironward Studio’s latest twin stick shooter, Solstice Chronicles: MIA, drops players into the boots of a lone marine and faces off against an army of mutant horrors.

Murderous Mutant Mayhem in Solstice Chronicles

After the eight player frenzy of The Red Solstice, Ironward’s debut title, Solstice Chronicles: MIA returns to Mars for more atmospheric action. As a stranded marine, desperately trying to escape an infected colony, players need to make split second tactical decisions to keep themselves and their tactical drone alive. A class based skill system, weapon upgrades, and a number of additional drone abilities should give eager grunts a chance of surviving the local inhabitants while they work through the game’s single player and survival campaigns.

If you fancy taking a trip to Mars then the new teaser trailer should leave you adequately prepared. Solstice Chronicles is available on Steam this July and will land on Playstation 4 at a later date.

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