Song of Horror Launches New Horror Series

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Song of Horror just dropped the first parts of a brand new series of a spooky series in time to add to our Halloween list.

Publisher Raiser Games and developer Protocol games have just launched the first two episodes in this twist on the traditional horror game. Built around the story of elusive writer Sebastian P. Husher, this tale takes players on a mystery tour to piece together Husher’s last steps. This is more than just a missing person’s case. Husher’s and his entire family went missing without any rhyme or reason. Players who take on this mystery can inhabit one of 13 characters to take on this mystery and a frightening, dark entity known only as The Presence.

A Classic Start

Taking inspiration from classics like Alone in the Dark, Song of Horror creates a gloomy atmosphere around a range of seemingly sinister locales. Each time a player interacts with The Presence there is the distinct opportunity that they will die, and there is no resurrecting from a saved state. In Soong of Horror death is permanent. With 13 characters to chose from, players can pick up the investigation from a new point of view, making for a multitude of potential experiences. All of them are probably going to be pretty spooky. Don’t think that you’ll be able to simply work around the problem with cannon fodder either.

“The great fear in Song of Horror is that, when The Presence strikes, the character the player is playing as dies for good,” offers Carlos Grupeli, founder of Protocol Games, the studio behind Song of Horror. “If you add to this the fact that the A.I. behind The Presence actively learns from the way the player takes on the game and adjusts its attacks as a result, you have a take on the survival-horror genre we think genuinely pushes things forward.”

With a malevolent AI on your tail will you get to the bottom of this mystery? Find out by starting your adventure in Song of Horror over on the Steam Store page now.


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