Songs of Conquest Shares a Status Update After a Week in Early Access

Songs of Conquest Shares a Status Update After a Week in Early Access

Developer Lavapotion and publisher Coffee Stain Publishing have taken to Steam to share the status update now that their turn-based strategy with RPG elements Songs of Conquest has been available in Steam Early Access for a week.

“First off, we are absolutely blown away with the amount of people that have bought the game so far. We always knew that we had a gem on our hands, but were afraid it might be too niche for a broader audience. The feedback has been overwhelming, but rest assured that we read every review, every reddit-thread, and all the suggestions and feedback on Discord, Steam, GOG and wherever. It has been a huge help laying the path for us ahead.”

The developers have not expected the multiplayer popularity, thinking Songs of Conquest to be single-player first game. But now that the player feedback has made the community’s wishes known, the devs are going to be working on making MP sessions better. There will be a few quick fixes to improve the situation but the bigger and more stable system will have to wait for a bit.

Another feature that many players have expressed an interest in is the random map generator, and it has been moved up on the devs to-do list accordingly. The team also started laying down the groundwork for the roadmap, so stay tuned to find out more!


Songs of Conquest is a turn-based strategy game inspired by 90s classics. Lead powerful magicians called Wielders and venture to lands unknown. Wage battle against armies that dare oppose you and hunt for powerful artifacts. The world is ripe for the taking – seize it!

Check out the Steam page to learn more about the game. If Songs of Conquest piqued your interest, you might also want to check out the Heroes of Might and Magic series as well as the games similar to the legendary series.

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