Sonic Mania Races Onto Origin Access

Sonic Mania

SEGA has announced that its 2017 hit, Sonic Mania, has officially landed on Origin Access for Premier members. The game is based on the zippy blue hedgehog and sends him off on a platforming experience. The game was developed by Christian Whitehead, Headcannon, and PagodaWest Games in collaboration with SEGA of America.

The action centers on the best of Sonic and allows players to experience fast-paced action in 60 FPS and “pixel-perfect physics”. Players are able to zoom along as either Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles while taking on the evil robots of Dr. Eggman.

Origin Premier members can download the game. Alternatively, those wishing to play the game can do so by purchasing a membership that allows access to all of Origin’s games and new releases.

Check out the Sonic Mania official Origin page to learn more.

About Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania, an all-new 2D Sonic adventure running at a crisp 60FPS with stunning HD retro-style graphics. Multiple playable characters give you the ability to go explosively fast as Sonic, soar as Tails, or power through tough obstacles with Knuckles’ brute strength. You can re-live the Sonic of the past with an exciting new twist on classic zones while fighting against new bosses and Dr. Eggman’s evil robot army. Go head-to-head with players in Competition Mode or play in Co-Op Mode with a friend.

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