Sonic the Hedgehog Races Into Minecraft

The Minecraft team has partnered with SEGA of America to bring Sonic the Hedgehog into the game. The Marketplace has been updated with the new Sonic the Hedgehog DLC pack that allows players to unlock themed environments from the Sonic universe. Once done, they can navigate special obstacles, take down iconic bosses, and collect rings in celebration of Sonic’s 30th birthday. Players can also collect a free Character Creator item for free. Just head to the Marketplace to grab it.

You can also celebrate Sonic’s birthday by joining the special server event! Starting soon, The Hive are hosting a two-week server-hub takeover featuring mini-games and a few festive surprises. I heard a rumor that something special is happening on one of the weekends, so make sure to check in regularly! Keep an eye on @minecraft on Twitter for details!

Check out the special trailer that showcases Sonic in action or head straight to the Minecraft official site for more details.

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