Sony Make A New PlayStation 4 Every 30 Seconds

Sony Make A New PlayStation 4 Every 30 Seconds

While many of us might have been worried about production delays of next gen consoles it seems the old PlayStation 4 has plenty of life with a new PS4 constructed every 30 seconds by a team of Japanese robots.

A new report from Nikkei Asain Review gave all of us a little glimpse behind the curtain into Sony’s manufacturing p[lant over the weekend and it seems that the robots have got us covered for our console demand. The plant in Kisarazu, Japan is largely made up of Mitsubishi constructed robots, with only 5 humans overseeing the entre automated manufacturing line for SOnty. While humans place prefab motherboards on the line and handle the packaging of the final product, the robots do much of the rest of the work.


The result is a meaning that the advanced set of systems can put together a new PlayStation 4 console in around 30 seconds. The plant was only brought online around 2018 so this glimpse into the PS4 doesn’t just mean that the factory can pump out a ton of current gen consoles, it’s likely we will see the same systems put together the Playstation 5, hopefully meaning construction capacity shouldn’t be any sort of problem.

On the surface, this seems like an interesting little bit of information but largely speaks to the fact that Sony has invested heavily in the capacity that comes with automation of this type. I wouldn’t expect the Playstation 4 to disappear or fall out of favour with Sony anytime soon after the PlayStation 5 launches. You can keep an eye on the new PlayStation 5 and the array of games coming to Sony’s next generation console here at Gamespace as we find out more about this exciting piece of kit.

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