Sony Stops Production Of The PS4

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It’s been on the cards for some time now and rumours have been rife but we now know that Sony Japan is ending production of almost all PS4 models in japan.

While we’ve suspected this was close, but, based on details from a number of locations, it seems quite clear that Sony Japan will no longer be producing almost all the PS4 variants. After a Japanese retailer reported that they would no longer be restocking PlayStation 4 consoles once they were out of stock, it seemed that the talk of production ending was not down to supplier issues.

This seems to now be confirmed with more information coming out of a Japanese website, Game Watch. Based on their keen observation, it appears that Sony is discontinuing production on al models of the PS$ outside of the Slim 500GB variant. That means that color options and large hard drives are out if you want to grab one of Sony’s last gen consoles. Still, that doesn’t make a huge difference to anybody continuing to struggle on the quest to bag a PS5. Initial shortages, scalpers, and website overload meant that ur roving reporter had a long wait and a lot of page refreshes before we got one too. For now, I guess we wait on an announcement from Sony’s western PR teams and get back to PC gaming.

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