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Leading up to the official start of E3, Sony has been gradually building to their prE3 press conference which is shaping up to be spectacular in more ways than one.  Sony has several games waiting in the wings that we want to hear about such as The Last of Us: Part II,  Spider-Man and Death Stranding which is a title that’s been teased before by acclaimed developer Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear series, Zone of Enders) and starring Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead, Boondock Saints). Sony’s E3 Press Conference goes live Monday, June 6th at 9pm ET (6pm PT, 2AM BST), and we’ll be updating everything as news becomes available.  Stay tuned to GameSpace for the latest E3 News, or watch it live with us below or directly here!

Shawn Layden, Chairman of Worldwide Studios took the stage, talking about a change in the way they decided to do E3 this year. They want to take everyone on a journey through the games we’ve known about and some we may not and create an experience that’s more than just a press conference.  He invited Gustavo Santaolalla, Musician who did the score for The Last of Us to begin the journey with a song.

The Last of Us: Part II

The first trailer showed Naughty Dogs The Last of Us sequel, with an eye on Ellie as they spend some R and R at a barn dance. It quickly flashes to Ellie killing a ne’er do well before hiding behind a tree stump.

In the short gameplay demonstration, they show brutal executions in a lush forest.

Ellie climbs and sneaks her way through, changing weapons at will with maybe one of the most notable reveals being that the AI has its own agenda. They’re able to track Ellie and comment on where she has gone to, as she frantically tries to get away. They look under cars, and behind counters giving the game a very realistic and gritty feel.  The scene ends in a stark and startling display of brutal violence as Ellie strives to save herself from a half dozen enemies.

God of War 4

In the brief intermission between trailers, Shawn Layden mentions that there will be New Game Plus for God of War, and to stay tuned to Playstation Now for that.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3/4

A trailer was shown for a Call of Duty Black Ops Map Pack with Maps from Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2. The maps are all remastered for Black Ops 3 for those that preorder black Ops 4.  Black ops 3 is coming to Playstation Plus for free later this evening.

Ghost of Tsushima

The trailer opened to a samurai walking out of a forest into a war torn clearing. Ghost of Tsushima starts off by showing graves littered the landscape and mourners hovered over the graves on the hill just outside the Otsuna Grasslands. The landscape is gorgeous.

Jin came upon several enemies killing peasants, and through quick slices of his katana, easily defeats them without delay.  It shows Jin sneak through to an area where more enemies await, and he gets the drop on them completing several executions in a bloody yet satisfying display of power.

Jin then squares off again his old comrade which reveals some hefty attack and defense gameplay, showing that Ghost of Tsushima is more than just a stealth game, but a combat heavy sword clash.


In the Control trailer, it shows the protagonist, a woman, in several situations that appear to be trippy puzzle-like architecture as she uses weapons and psychic powers to defeat enemy after enemy. Control is developed by Remedy and 505 games and is set to come out in 2019.

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2s remake was shown with updated graphics that looked stellar and it played very smoothly from the very short and cinematic showing. Resident Evil 2 is set to release January 25, 2019, release date.

Trover Saves the Universe

Squanch Games showed a trailer of  Trover Saves the Universe. by Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland. Gameplay shows that it’s mostly a platformer with some enemies thrown in there for good ol’ action gameplay with a comedic twist.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Square Enix showed a Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer with new footage that wasn’t shown at the Square Enix E3 event. This trailer began with a focus on the Pirates of the Caribbean gameplay, which showed Underwater gameplay, Naval combat, aerial combat, Fighting a Bone dragon and Surfing on a rainbow cloud.  The gameplay expands substantially what was shown at the Square Enix Event.  They also show had new cameos from Hercules, Toy Story characters, Tangled characters, and returning characters from Frozen and Monsters inc. The release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 is January 29th, 2019 and it will release with a special kingdom hearts Playstation and a kingdom hearts package with the prior 2 console games.

Death Stranding

In the cinematic gameplay trailer, it showed Sam, the protagonist traversing different areas of the world with an without contamination suits as he delivers goods, to where it was not immediately clear.  We see Sam climbing mountains and wading through roaring rivers. In the final cinematic scenes, you see footprints of an invisible being in the mud, signalling something sinister to come.

It is mentioned that when enemies eat you (the main character), it triggers a “void out”, creating a crater, despite Sam reincarnating somehow.  It is also shown that Sam carries a child with him that seems to allow him to detect void enemies.  Despite that, the end of the trailer shows the void monsters pulling Sam into the depths of a mud pool.


A very short cinematic trailer with no gameplay from Team Ninja and Kou Shibusawa, shows a samurai fighting three demons, with the ending screen announcing the coming of NIOH 2.


The much-awaited Spider-Man trailer starts with a crisis on the Raft where Electro damages a helicopter and releases all of the enemies in the raft.

The trailer shows a mix of frantic spider-like gameplay as Spider-Man goes in to save them, using his spider-sense, webs and lots of fantastic aerial moves to handle a dozen enemies all the while dishing out his trademark comic relief.

Several types of gameplay were shown between combat, web-swinging through the raft and dodging obstacles at breakneck speeds, and climbing a tower while avoiding electric blasts. The ending cinematic shows our favourite Spider outnumbered and ill-prepared as he is pummeled by some of his most dangerous enemies.  In the end, we are left wonder who it was that really orchestrated this breakout.

Destiny 2
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  1. Ghost of Tsushima was stunning.

    • It did look really good. The only thing I was a little surprised about is how similar it looked to the last of us part 2 and the new Tomb raider. Looks like all 3 are kind of cut from the same cloth with different settings. They’ll all be fantastic I think, but if I played them back to back I might get burnt out.

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