Sorceress Class Added to Lost Ark Launch Roster

Amazon Games and Smilegate have some great news for fans looking for even more reasons to play Lost Ark: When the game officially launches in January, the Sorceress class will join the lineup that will include 15 unique classes. In addition, players have a lot of exciting changes coming to the game that will make it unique in the west as compared to its Asian counterpart.

First off, however, let’s take a look at the Sorceress, a formidable caster with the ability to draw on the power of ice, fire, and lightning. Some of her spells include:

  • Incinerate: Drop meteor fragments from the sky to inflict damage on enemies. A giant pillar then raises from the target area launching foes into the air and explodes dealing even more damage.
  • Frost Explosion: Frost bursts from the body dealing damage and causing Chill Status, reducing attack and movement speed by 60%.
  • Ice Arrow: Fire ice arrows that pierce foes and deal damage. This also grants Chill status slowing the target’s attack and movement speed by 60% for six seconds.
  • Lightning Burst: Fire lightning to attack enemies. This grants Electrocution status, dealing additional damage.

In addition to the new class, developers have promised the community some much-requested features and changes to the original game:

  • 15 of 20 classes will be present at launch
  • Some classes have now had both genders available to players by popular request. Those that are still gender-locked will have counterparts added over time.
  • The array of available classes offer players a wide range of ways to play the game

Check out the full update by visiting the Lost Ark official site to learn more.

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