Soulborn – Indie RPG Alpha Trailer

The developers from small indie team Pixelmad Studios have presented the trailer for their first upcoming project Soulborn to introduce players to the closed-alpha phase of the game that can be accessed for free via Discord. Soulborn is the first RPG announced for the next generation of consoles, following zombie shooter Quantum Error.

The developers describe Soulborn as a mix of Zelda and The Witcher, an open-world RPG-adventure set in a world inspired by Norse mythology. The game is slated for late 2021 release, coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox Series X.

644 years have passed since the first Ragnarök, where all the gods died, but Midgard was reborn and with-it various demigods. You are Brynjar Townshield, a Soulborn demigod and bearer of the most powerful weapon of all nine worlds: Mjölnir. You have been robbed of your homeland, but during your journey the end blooms again. The twilight of the gods, the Ragnarök and there is nothing between Midgard and its end except you, your dearest friends and the power of Mjölnir. Let every decision count and defeat the soul-devouring beast Nidhöggr!

Check out the official site to learn more about the game.

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