Sound Blaster X3 Brings Super X-Fi To Sound Cards

sound blaster x3

The Sound Blaster X3 is here and this new audio endeavor from Creative is about to bring Super X-Fi technology to its line of high spec sound cards. Get ready, your ears need this.

We’re not new to Creative’s awsome audio credentials here at Gamespace. Heck, if you’ve had a PC as far back as most of us then you’ll remember the day when a dedicated sound ard was the only way to get audio out the box in your room. Since then, over 400 million Sound Blasters have been sold. Now, Creative largely caters to those of us that aren’t impressed with the leaky hiss and sub-par distortion of cheap onboard sound systems. As an antidote to this, Creative is bringing an extra dimension to that battle with the Sound Blaster X3.

A Very Different Sound

This new dedicated sound card is expected to be something special, integrating Creative’s relatively new audio immersion tech. For those of you that haven’t had the opportunity to hear what Super Xfi can do, we tried it out when we reviewed the SXFi Amp. The SXFi experience replaces the flat sound of directional audio with a personalized experience and I was blown away when I tried it. Creative note that:

Super X-Fi recreates the soundstage of a surround speaker system in headphones and personalizes it for a natural listening experience.

Adding this to the latest Sound Blaster means that the high-resolution, 7.1 multi-channel USB DAC can offer a top of the line surround experience while offering up to 32-bit / 192 kHz playback.

The Sound Blaster X3 also includes a headphone amp capable of driving studio-grade peripherals. Besides offering 7.1 discrete channel output, this external sound card also offers 7.1 virtualization on just 2 speakers. It also features Dolby Digital Live encoding for connecting optically to external receivers for multi-channel speakers. Creative’s surround tech can be customized using personal EQ settings, making it great for jumping between PC, Mac, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The range of connection options available and the bundled mobile configuration app mean that the Sound Blaster X3 can be put to good use in a range of situations.

For gamers who want a more personal experience, the Sound Blaster X3 is definitely worth a listen. Sound Blaster X3 is priced at GBP 119.99 and is available via Creative, where you’ll find a trade-in offer running for fans wh want to upgrade their old Sound Blasters. For full details on that offer and the Sound Blaster X3, check out the Creative Website.


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