Soundfall will be dropping its beat on console and PC in 2019

Drastic Games, the indie studio that just happens to have some pretty big Epic Games veterans, have announced the upcoming release of their first title, Soundfall. This indie title is an interesting mix of twin-stick shooting and ‘rhythm-based gameplay’, and will follow the story of a young music fanatic who must work to find her way out of the land of Symphonia and back to the world she knows. As Melody (the game’s protagonist) adventures through the world, she will quickly become tied up in a quest to save the world of Symphonia from Discord, the evil darkness that threatens to destroy everything.

The dev’s promise a land full of extravagant environments out of this world creatures and music as a core driving force for what the team is calling a rhythmic dungeon crawler. What that means is a bit complicated to fully describe but, based on the trailer below, definitely looks like an interesting take on sound mechanics in a video game. Combat synchronizes to the beat of each soundtrack and players will be rewarded for timing attacks to the sound of each beat.

The game also promises team-play with online and couch co-op with up to four friends allowing for more of the diverse cast of playable characters to be on screen together. With procedurally-generated levels, enemies, and loot along with some interesting rhythm mechanics and more traditional dungeon crawler elements, Soundfall is shaping up to bring some unique things to the classic genre. Look for it on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC in 2019. For more information be sure to check out the official page here.  

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