Yooka Laylee Soundtrack is Now Out on Vinyl, CD and Digital

Yooka-Laylee OST

Laced Records, Team 17 as well as Playtonic Games sent out a word about world-wide release of Yooka Laylee OST. Interested users can expect to find it on CD, Double LP and ditigal platforms.

Physical versions of Yooka Laylee OST can be acquired through Laced Records

Grant Kirkhope, David Wise as well as Steve Burke worked on the soundtrack. The OST consists of 28 tracks. Additionally, CDs as well as digital versions also include 10 extra tracks.

The music of Yooka-Laylee is a melodic masterpiece, evoking memories of classic platforming puzzle adventures, packed with quirky compositions that perfectly complement the game’s unique cast of colourful characters!

Yooka Laylee launches on Xbox One, PC, PS4 and Mac on April 11th. Players can pre-order it through Xbox Store, PS Store, Steam or GOG.

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