Space Crew Goes Legendary With New Expansion

Curve Digital and Runner Duck seem sick of just boldly going. Instead, their stellar management game Space Crew has gone legendary with a brand new expansion pack.

Available right now, The Space Crew: Legendary Edition is a brand new option for players who have already conquered the known galaxy with their quirky crew. Taking flight across PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, the new Space Crew expansion is on offer to new captains, along with the base game, for £19.99 / $24.99 / €24.99, while existing Space Crew owners can upgrade to Space Crew: Legendary Edition for free.

The upgrade to the existing version of Space Crew takes the recently released crew management simulation and introduces a wealth of new content including the epic Android Ambush campaign and, for the first time, the chance to take your crew off-ship onto stations, outposts, and vessels in Away Team missions. These new in person adventures will require plenty of strategic quick thinking as three crewmembers are sent out the airlock onto space stations and large vessels that are not always friendly. Away from the relative safety of the ship they will need players’ guidance to explore, solve ingenious puzzles, and fight off alien entities. Just try not to get red on you.

We described Space Crew’s mix of sim systems and FTL’s roguish gameplay as a satisfying challenge that mixes the tactical stylings of many strategy games with even more chaos and space age meanies than Bomber Crew was ever able to provide. Following on from Curve Digital’s Bomber Crew, this space age adventure is available now. You can check out more in the trailer above or head over to the official Space Crew website for full details. Alternatively, follow our voyages of our Space Crew starship on our Space Crew review.

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