Space Punks The SpOiled One update Spor-ings Into Open Beta

Space Punks just got a brand new update, adding the planet Spor to the ongoing open beta.

Available now, The SpOiled one is just the latest in a line of content updates to come crashing into Flying Wild Hog’s new top down looter shooter. Since the studio behind Shadow Warrior 3 kicked off this very different project, numerous new weapons, dungeons, and gameplay tweaks have improve the comic shooter no end, but now player can try the open beta’s very first major addition.

This content patch introduces players to the dusty and oily Spor where they are invited to explore an environment full of new hazards and challenges. This brand new backdrop to the fight for epic loot is full of a digital infection. Adventurous types can push it back with three exciting Get-A Job missions and two challenging Timed Events, ride the Toxicart in “Toxic Byproducts”, top up the Jerry-Can in “Need SpOil ASAP”, or get chased by an orbital laser of doom in “Moving Target”!

In addition to the new content and game modes, the beta also locks in a new respawn feature. Coming to everything, except the Crack, this puts fallen heroes in Spectator Mode, and will automatically respawn after a countdown unless revived by a party member. There’s also a whole heap of new tweaks, from a revitalized HUD to new enemy modifiers. With development still ongoing and no barrier to entry, Space Punks is a thoroughly enjoyable sci-fi escape that asks players to delve into unknown space, pick from a range of classes, customize, and crawl through the weirdest alien dungeons with friends. We’ve had nothing but good times when we tried it and compiled everything you need to know about Space Punks. If you’re ready to jump in and get shooting then you can check out more over on the official Space Punks Website now.

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