Sparklite Gets A Collectible Signature Edition


We already know Sparklite is going to drop some epic loot. Now, it appears publisher Merge Games is out to ensure that this is the case with the new that Sparklite is getting a collectible Signature Edition.

Due out in Fall 2019, Sparklite is a charming top-down adventure that takes players on an adventure to save the citizens of Geodia. Rendered in a mix of old school pixel paint with a slick modern edge, Sparklite drops players on a fantastical planet filled with a substance known as Sparklite. Taking at least a little inspiration from the adventures of a certain spikey blue mama, the planet of Geodia is under threat from its self proclaimed ruler. This “Baron” is intent on mining this Sparklite to power his own desires. Mass mining and pollution are turning a once peaceful planet hostile, corrupting the local wildlife and throwing the world out of balance.

It is up to players to plot a path for Ada, a plucky mechanic, as she attempts to reach the planet’s Sparklite core before the Baron. This adventure takes players through five procedurally constructed biomes, each with a wealth of adversaries and enemies. Ada can rely on the help of friends, in co-op mode, or simply utilize her wits to outsmart the Baron’s forces. An array of gadgets are at hand and might even be crucial to solving some of the game’s more intricate brain teasers. Sparklite looks like the sort of game that you won’t want to forget.

Merge Games seem to agree, and are offering up a physical token of your upcoming adventure with the Signature Edition.


Coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, this physical edition of the game includes a range of cool additions for your shelf, listed below:

  • A region free copy of Sparklite
  • Signature Edition Sleeve and Box
  • Original CD Soundtrack
  • Nano Block Figure
  • Numbered Certificate

Pre-orders for the Signature Edition open at 28 June 7am PT / 4pm EST and you can check out more a the official website. If you are only interested in making memories, you can check out the digital edition at the official Steam Store, Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store and Microsoft Games Store when it is available.

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