Speaking Simulator Is Coming To Switch This January

Speaking Simulator, a ridiculous title about android, oratory displays, and world domination is coming to the Nintendo Switch on 30 January.

While we’re all busy worrying about the new hardware coming out of CES 2020, developer Affable Games is about to unleash our android overlords. Speaking Simulator is a straight out silly simulator. With a horde on android interlopers hoping to pass as normal humans, it’s up to payers to teach these mechs how to do the words good. The game gives full control over an android tongue and both lips. Contorting these appendages allows players to create sounds that will, hopefully, sound like a real human being. While I’m not sure some humans manage to sound like realistic humans, the carefully crafted control system should allow one hand to flail the tongue while another allows the lips to form the required gibberish.

It’s not all about making noise either. As the game progresses, players will unlock new upgrades and layers of difficulty to the whole endeavor. High scores require the in-game androids to master Socio-Optic Dynamics, nailing the right amount of eye contact, a range of facial expressions and eyebrow movement. Put all that together and players will need to test their skills in some seriously horrific situations. Public speaking scenarios feature in this title, with the dreaded wedding and team meeting missions to overcome.

This all might seem a bit serious but link it all together and you’ll breeze through, flapping gibberish at an audience that doesn’t know what’s coming. Fail to keep it together and an android face is probably going to explode, however. This zany new sim was already due to intrigue audiences on Mac and PC when it takes to Steam at the end of January. Now the Nintendo Switch version will arrive on the Nintendo eShop at the same time. You can find out more about Speaking Simulator over at the official Affable Games website now.



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