Spellbreak – Closed Beta Cinematic Trailer

Spellbreak is an epic magic-based Battle Royale currently in the closed beta test stage at Epic Games Store.  The game allows you to weave together spectacular spell combinations and craft strategic builds in your quest for survival. To celebrate the CBT, the team from Proletariat has released the special cinematic trailer you can find above.

Spellbreak is a AAA fantasy battle royale experience featuring epic magic combat and action spellcasting. Players choose a class, weave spectacular spell combinations and fight to become an all-powerful battlemage!”

Sign up for the beta on the official site. As a Closed Beta tester, you’ll be able to play Spellbreak early, get a behind-the-scenes look at development, and have the opportunity to provide direct feedback to the development team.

Last week the team has also unveiled the Closed Beta Roadmap for the game.

What the team wants to achieve in CBT1:

  • New Game Mode
  • Polish, Performance and Balance enhancements
  • Classes, Items and Builds iteration and additional content
  • Combat and Movement changes
  • Mastery – building a system that both gives players a reason to play a variety of classes but also rewards players and allows them to show off their mastery of their favorite classes.
  • Customization

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