Spellbreak – Will There Be Guilds?

Spellbreak - Will There Be Guilds

With magic-based Battle Royale Spellbreak out of the pre-alpha stage, the Proletariat team continues sharing more information about the game. Seth, CEO & Creative Lead, talks about the possible Guilds, including if they will happen and what they would look like. Previously he has also touched on the platforms and different modes for the game.

Currently, the team doesn’t have a roadmap for guilds being added into the game. However, the developers feel that guilds are a massive opportunity for Spellbreak:

  • Proletariat wants guilds to provide shared activities for players to do together
  • Shared progress (guild leveling feature or something of that sort)
  • Opportunities to win rewards for your guild

Spellbreak is currently in closed alpha. You can learn more about the game by visiting the official site or Epic Games Store. Epic and Proletariat have published helpful FAQ to help you out if you have any questions.

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