Spend 7 Days in the Dungeons of Hinterberg Demo During Steam NextFest

New Dungeons of Hinterberg Trailer Sets the Stage for Alpine Adventure

Dungeons of Hinterberg will drop a demo during the upcoming Steam NextFest

Spend a week exploring the Alps, defeating monsters, and reveling in the gorgeous Dungeons of Hinterberg this Steam NextFest. The upcoming ARPG dungeon brawler from Curve Games and Microbird Games will drop a sizable demo for backpacking sword swinger during June. The news means that anybody following the promising-looking reveal will have an opportunity to tour the unique art style and try out the local delicacies around Hionterberg for 7 days.

Tumbling into the picture postcard town that plays host to this beautiful ARPG, adventurers can experience a full in-game day cycle beginning on Day 7. This slice of the action will steer gamers through the Glacier Overworld (Kolmstein), which includes a gravity-defying dungeon. Slay monsters, solve puzzles, harness a range of magical skills to overcome the demo, and head back to town to hang out with the locals.

The demo will also introduce the social sim slice of life. A selection of characters will be available to interact with and form a lasting bond. Who knows who you might choose to talk to before heading back out to explore Kolmstein, but you should have plenty of time to do so. The upcoming demo drops on June 10th and stays live until the 17th at 10am PT/6pm BST, You should definitely check out the trailer for this one and all the other Steam NextFest demos over on the official Steam Store now.

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