Spitlings Arrives on Google Stadia

Spitlings just arrived on Google Stadia today, spewing a plethora of multiplayer arcade action down your internet connection.

Not quite ready for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One Spitlings isn’t exactly the first thing you’d think about when you pick up a new Google Stadia timed exclusive but here it is. This indie style multiplayer action is a modern twist on an old school classic. Gamers picking up this new title will find themselves portrayed as a charming rectangular creature with teeth. Their one defining feature is a spitting personality. No, they really spit.


As players make their way through a variety of bright and bouncy levels, they will use this spit to burst a variety of bubbles that threaten the Spitlings hometown. It’s all really quite unusual but it all plays like a hardcore arcade adventures you shoot up opposing shapes and avoiding a gauntlet of impending bubbles. The seemingly frantic small screen action crams up to 4 players into 100+ stages of story mode alone allowing friends to go co-op or simply allow solo Spitlings to make their way through this adventure alone.

As players venture across this experience they will unlock over 30 characters and visual themes, as well as a range of brand new background beats to listen to. That’s not all either. Spitlings includes a time trial addition for those that want to race through these levels again. Once the story mode and associated narrative are done and the time trails are bested, players can even get online and try out the co-op level editor. With so much to do, this seemingly simple game of spitting shapes is unlikely to run out of content quickly. If you want a party game that is more interested in crafting a great multiplayer experience than providing RTX era graphics as monsters explode among the moonlight then Spitlings is out now on Google’s Stadia for $14.99 / €14.99 / £12.49. Head over to the Google Stadia website to grab this game across Stadia compatible devices.


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