Nintendo Details Splatoon 2 Voice Chat For Switch

Voice Chat

Splatoon 2 will hit Switch on July 21st. The game features up to 8 players multiplayer mode that pits players against each other in colourful battles as well as co-op which allows working together towards chosen goal. However, what kind of team shooter is it that would not allow voice chat? That surely is not Splatoon 2.

Nintendo Details Splatoon 2 Voice Chat Requirements

The developers have warned players ahead of the time that a special phone app would be required for chatting, and now have revealed more details. Meet special Splatoon 2 headset (which is an exact copy of headset characters wear) from Hori.  Players will be required to link together the headset in question, their smartphone and Switch unit.

To chat with your teammates in the game, you’d first need to attach the headset via a special extension to the phone with the app and then to the console itself. That… seems a bit complex, wouldn’t you say? At least the headset itself is quite stylish.

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