Split Screen co-op Coming To Stardew Valley

Split Screen co-op Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley, the cute farming sim from developer ConcernedApe is set to get a brand new game mode when split-screen co-op arrives in a future update.

The team behind this phenomenally successful farming sim confirmed that players ready to get their hands dirty with friends will soon be able to play Stardew Valley in local co-op mode. The addition will drop as part of a future update to the title, but we don’t exactly know when that update will arrive in game. The confirmation came in a recent Twitter update by AconcernedApe, where the studio confirmed that this local play option will arrive as part of Update Version 1.5.

The arrival of version 1.5 means that up to 4 PC players can grow their way to success on one screen, while other platforms might have to make do with just 2 players at any one time. We also know, from the witter updates, that other features will be incoming across a multitude of platforms.

Stardew Valley initially launched back in 2016 on PC. It has since made the jump over to Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, iOS, Android, PS Vita, and Mac. Like any good farm sim it throws players into an unfamiliar farm. Having inherited the old farm plo5t, you hoe down with a range of tools to begin your new life, meet the locals, and build the best farm you can. Even with local lockdown restrictions preventing some of us from seeing the locals, local co-op could still fit perfectly with services like Parsec and Rainway able to share your games with friends. You can check out more about Stardew Valley over on the official website now before update 1.5 brings split-screen farming to us all.

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