Splitgate Closed Alpha Weekend Test


Ever wondered what a multiplayer arena battle could be like if you could use portals like in Portal? If you were at Pax South you might have had the chance to give it a go with 1047 Games: Splitgate: Arena Warfare. Splitgate is a fast-paced multiplayer shooter that uses player-controlled portals to add a new dimension to arena style combat. Hoping through portals and being able to pop out behind an adversary or far away adds a whole new layer to combat.

Closed alpha features:

  • Reimagined Maps– Helix, Olympus, Outpost and Club Silo maps have been retooled to showcase the vibrant visual and user interface upgrades.
  • Realistic Animation System- Character models will now realistically lean into turns, interact with the environment based on intuitive physics and even change direction differently depending on which foot is forward.
  • Precision Sound Identification System Players will notice subtle changes to the pitch of specific sounds, differentiating enemy and friendly movement. Audio prioritization intelligently increases or muffles sounds based on importance to the player, such as louder enemy gunshots versus hushed friendly footsteps.
  • Character and Skin Customization – The addition of customizable armor options, colors and weapon skins gives players even more ways to personalize their Splitgate: Arena Warfare experience.
  • Savage Rail Gun- A new devastating rail gun weapon for players to use.
  • Team SWAT Players can now compete head-to-head in Team SWAT game mode. Limited to only battle rifles and pistols, players should not expect armor to save them from extreme damage multipliers and headshot kills.

The closed alpha will start January 26, at 12 p.m PST and runs through January 27, 11:59 p.m PST. For those interested in taking part in the closed alpha you can sign up here.

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