Spooky Grand Prix Gets Halloween Off The Grid In Crash Team Nitro Racing

The skies might be getting darker but that means that the spooky season is almost upon us. Not to be beaten off the starting line, Crash Team Nitro racing begins the Spooky Grand Prix this week.

Going green on 4 October, this seasonal competition is the first of many holiday accompaniments we can expect to see coming to video games from this week. After initially teasing this new content, Activision has detailed what players can find in their Halloween loot bags.

Sweet Spooky Loot

As you might expect, you’ll be able to race around a new thematic track. Nina’s Nightmare is a nice little number that is typically full of eerie noises and carved out pumpkin heads. However, the Spooky Grand Prix is not just a new race. It has plenty of content updates and new activities. Players passing go will find that during this seasonal event they can now race round the game collecting ghosts. Crashing through crates releases apparitions which players can capture and there’s plenty of reward for all that effort. As well as bringing back leaderboards, because bragging rights are everything, the new events have a ton of loot. Nina Cortex returns as a playable character and you will find her kart is part of a trio joining the game. The Skull Rider, the Phantom, and Nautilus are all ready to race off into the distance, it’s just a case of which one you want first.

Dr. N. Brio and Komodo Moe also get in gear as playable characters for the latest update. These all come from a plethora of different reward tracks, all of which are detailed above. The Grand Prix rewards, Pit Stop, and challenges modes available are all full of brand new things to see, do , and win. As well as the more chilling elements of the Spooky Grand Prix, Crash team Nitro Racing is about to get Wumpa Weekend Bonuses in all game modes, a new cup track, and some extra balance changes that allow players to swap driving styles. All in, there’s a ton of new stuff in the boot and this is only the first of three seasonal updates.

If you want to get the full run down before you pull out into Halloween, check out our Crash Team Racing review or head over to the official website for more information. Crash Team Nitro Racing is out now for Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

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