SportRx BlueDefense Prescription Gaming Glasses Review.

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Are you determined to make 2020 THE year you put your health and fitness first? What better way to boost a healthy attitude than by starting where many gamers need to look after themselves most and that’s our eyesight. Prescription eye-wear company SportRx kindly offered a pair of fully functioning glasses tailored not only for gaming purposes but complete lifestyle needs that include their Bluedefense HEV blue light blocker lenses, along with transition lenses and frames that are “generally” preferred by gamers. This is what we discovered in our SportRx BlueDefense review.

For full disclosure please note that I have reviewed SportRx BlueDefense glasses for in 2018. Almost two years later, and immediately after investing in another pair of prescription glasses with their own blue blocker application, I saw the perfect opportunity to not only compare between two current pairs of glasses but to also be updated on SportRx as an online-shopping service and gaming peripheral brand.

What makes a pair of glasses “Gaming Glasses?”

Some folks roll their eyes when they see something labelled for gaming and gamers. I know I did it recently when Puma released a pair of gaming shoes “Created with console gamers in mind.” Anyone else see any irony in that?

However, there is no irony when it comes to SportRx gaming options for our eyes. This is crucial (especially as you age) because there is a vast difference between someone boot scooting, sewing or gaming for long periods of time as a hobby or profession. In an age where most folks also multi-task between screens via a phone, lap or desk top it is becoming increasingly important to take more care of our vision. To be clear, gaming glasses are fitted with lenses that reduce movement and light strain on your eyes so a gamer can remain focused and alert for long periods of time.  Does SportRx deliver this in 2020 and if so how well do their lenses work?

Oakley Chamfer MNP Glasses
  • Frame Features: Adjustable Nosepad, Rubber Temples
  • Frame Materials: Plastic
  • Temples: Straight
  • Frame Fit: L
  • Color Satin Black

Finding the perfect frames for your face shape, comfort and style is initially easier in person, however SportRx have a team of experienced SportRx Academy trained Opticians on board that are willing and able to assist regardless of your glass wear or shopping experience. All SportRx need from you to ensure your choices is a recent prescription, if you are seeking prescribed lenses. SportRx also offers a handy Test Ride Program where you can order the frames you are curious about and if you like them you can then send your prescription with the frames to have them fitted or return the frames should you decide they aren’t for you.

The SportRx website is still easy to navigate, though I would like to be able to search using a “Frame Fit Size” category (which would be 56 for me,) to make it an even finer search knowing 56 is a rare size for glasses especially for woman. For the purposes of this review I took my lenses one step further adding not only SportRx BlueDefense but also transition lenses because (like many gamers) I game in between jobs, around the home, work out regularly and head out of the house on a whim.

Oakley is a reliable American brand I favor because they deliver a variety of ultra-lightweight, snug fitting glass frame that is comfortable behind my ear where I have scarring from eardrum transplants and so I can wear headphones while working out or gaming without any discomfort. The other reasons I chose the Oakley Chamfer MNP is they come in a size 56 frame, with 3 more different sized Modular Nose Pads (MNP.) These are included in your delivery with a spare pair of non-transition lenses, a case, carry bag, interchangeable Oakley band tip covers in 3 other colors and a product pamphlet. The extra MNP’s to tailor my glasses should I need to are important to folks like me who have a flat ridge on their nose allowing glasses to slip downward easily

The Full Value Of Premium Prescriptions

Before sharing these costs it is important to note that you do not have to buy the frames I chose or have the prescriptions I need to wear glasses. You also do not need transition lenses. SportRx has frames for every budget plus an even bigger collection of sports, sun and rimless glasses – whatever you need for you or your family. For gaming glasses, all you need to add to your costs is the BlueDefense, for multi-functional gaming glasses add transition lenses for a full gamers package.

 Anti-Reflective: Premium AR + BlueDefense –    $120.00

  • Oakley Frame –  $183.00
  • Vision Type: Single Vision Digital – $125.00
  • Lens Material High Index Thin $ 75.00
  • Lens Feature: Transitions $ 75.00
  • Lens Color: Xtractive Grey $ 25.00
  • Prescription Oakley Champfer MNP TOTAL – $603.00
Comparable Differences

I have worn these Oakley’s for three weeks unless sleeping. Compared to the glasses I invested in prior to receiving these I find them much lighter to wear and slightly clearer to see with especially when there is fast movement on any screen I am looking at or when I am in the car with objects or scenery constantly racing past me.  Both pair of glasses I have, have a transparent magenta hue to them. I am also not needing to wipe my Oakley’s as often for dust or smudges.

Most of all though, it is exciting to share that I have had zero noticeable eye strain!

From playing Bleeding Edge closed beta, Elder Scrolls Online, mobile game Pascals Wager to using our new Nordic Treadmill with 32 inch screen and every other daily activity my eyes felt nothing but comfort. SportRx has also helped me to decide that I will no longer buy any glasses in the future without adding transition lenses. The ease of moving from my computer to any other task I need to perform throughout the day is a peace of mind I didn’t know I needed. I have always been afraid the tint of transitions would be too dark causing headaches which I have been experiencing making me unable to wear sunglasses for over a decade. However with prescription lenses also on these glasses, I am FINALLY free to have shade from the sun for my eyes! I cannot recommend transition lenses enough!

Please note that the product in this article was provided by PR for the purposes of this review.

There's not any amount of real-life ray tracing that the BlueDefense lenses couldn't handle in my tests. SportRx BlueDefense prescription eye-wear remains a vision-saver this gamer is grateful for and I have no hesitation stating that in 2020 SportRx offer a service that a beginner or experienced online shopper can shop confidently from. SportRx BlueDefense, along-with transition lenses are also something every gamer who wears glasses needs. The rating we have given SportRx gaming glasses is based on being an online service, BlueDefense technology and whether it works, transition lenses and whether they work plus the overall experience communicating with SportRx opticians regarding my prescription and follow up to ensure my glasses arrived wearable.
  • Buy anytime from anywhere
  • Able to apply different lenses if needed
  • Bluedefense Lenses
  • Qualified, friendly optician assistance
  • Huge range
  • Could BlueDefense be lower in price
  • Website lacks a gaming specific section
  • No Chance to get hands On when browsing the site

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