Springtime Has Come to the Shire Once Again


Beginning March 17th and ending on April 6th, the spring festival is up and running for everyone in Middle Earth. There are several areas in which you can take your character to participate in different festivities. Between the areas of Bree, Duillond, Thorin’s Hall, and Brockenborings, you will discover what there is to do. The first task will be given to you and it will send you to bring for “A Taste of Spring”. Make sure to complete all of your tasks before completing this though as it will close out the wrapper tasks.

Lord of the Rings Online has always tried to bring new and fun things to the world of Tolkien within the confines of the book lore. Having a different festival for each season is a welcome event to break up everything else we can do in the game. Some of the events involve going through a maze, helping people do something they need to accomplish, eating pies and more.

You can check out the full details of the festival here and I look forward to seeing you all somewhere in the world of Tolkien and Middle Earth. Have fun and explore everything to your hearts content. Remember that there are updates coming soon as well so be prepared.

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