Square Enix Wants the Hitman Series to Continue, Looking for Buyers


Fans of the Hitman series have been mourning the loss of a favorite series of games. Square Enix announced recently that it would be cutting ties with developer IO Interactive.

Square Enix wants Hitman to continue

While Square has decided to stop its partnership with IO, that doesn’t mean it wants the series to stop. After all, Hitman stretches back nearly two decades.

Last week, SE President Yosuke Matsuda explained that his company is working to concentrate game development “in house”. As a result, the plan was formed to divest itself of IO. This news kicked off a round of layoffs at IO, something that saddened many fans.

However, Matsuda gave a ray of hope to the series’ community. He indicated that Square was actively looking for investors “capable of ensuring that these titles carry on”.

IO is most well-known for the Hitman games, but it also worked with Eidos on a pair of Kane & Lynch games as well as Mini Ninjas. It also published Freedom Fighters through EA.

The future of the Hitman series is still in flux, however, if and until investors are found.

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