Square Enix / Nvidia Presentation Hints at FFXV for PC

Square Enix - Final Fantasy XV - chapter 13 update - FFXV PC review

During this week’s big Nvidia presentation, a “sizzle” trailer was shown by Square Enix that featured Final Fantasy XV. Developers showed the “tech video” to provide context for Nvidia’s “TurfEffects”. What’s interesting is that the videos featured FFXV characters for a game that has not been announced for PC yet.

What’s Square Enix Up To?

Nobody really knows what the company is up to since no one will confirm…or deny…that FFXV is in production for PC. When Hajime Tabate was directly asked about it, he simply said, “No comment.” Pressed further, Tabate said, “Tech tests…hmmm.”

Obviously it’s a confirmed non-confirmation of a PC version. Now if we could just get official confirmation. When it happens, the Internet is likely to blow up with excitement.

Would you play Final Fantasy XV on PC?

One More Thing…

For fans of  FFXV, the once-exclusive console tie-in game, A King’s Tale, is now available for both PlayStation 4 and XBox One. The retro-inspired game is set 30 years before FFXV and features fast-paced, deep combat.

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  1. God I hope so. I never finished it on PS4, but would love it on the PC too.

  2. I’m sure it would sell copies.

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