Square Enix Reports Heavy Losses Around Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel's Avengers

After one game industry analyst combed through the latest financial report from Square Enix, it appears that the company took a heavy financial blow delivered at the hands of Marvel’s Avengers. David Gibson has opined that the game only sold 3.3 million copies across all platforms since release in September leading to a $62.7 million loss. Gibson further stated that he believes the cost of developing the game was in the neighborhood of $170M – $190M. As a result, the company only recouped 60% of its sales estimates.

One example of how the game is struggling comes from SteamCharts which shows that player numbers have fallen from 1,500 players per month in September/October to 800 players in early November. Console numbers have been dropping as well and the next-gen update has been pushed to sometime in 2021.

Check out the full Square Enix financial report and then head to our Marvel’s Avengers review to see why we handed it a 7/10 score.

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