Stalker Online hearkens back to its roots & it’s coming this fall

Mobile Technologies has announced that it is ready to unleash a new open-world MMO called Stalker Online. The game is expected to launch later this fall on Steam. Its roots are firmly planted in the 1979 Stalker film and in the classic Stalker games of the past.

The game is set in a large open world that devs say has been “meticulously detailed” to showcase a post-Soviet world on a desolate landscape. As players venture out into the world, they will encounter mutants and anomalies. Sitting safely at home is not an option. Survival counts on the collection of valuable supplies.

Players will find RPG elements within the game that allow them to customize their characters as they progress through experience levels. Weapons and equipment can also be upgraded to suit their personal playstyle. Other features include player-to-player trading, base building, and the ability to gain reputation with the game’s factions.

Developers are inviting interested players to sign up for beta opportunities. Head to the Stalker Online official site to learn more.

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