Stand-alone VR Headset VIVE FOCUS Coming Later This Year!

Yesterday at GDC 2018, HTC Vive announced the arrival of the Vive Focus – a standalone VR headset – to the global markets later this year.  The Vive Focus will be the very first 6DOF stand-alone VR headset to be commercially available.  They will also be making Vive Focus developer kits to registered developers in most countries via their developer portal.

Built upon Vive Wave – a VR platform and toolset for development of standalone and mobile VR devices, the Vive Focus is designed to appear to a wider range of mass market audiences in addition to commercial/enterprise users seeking broad deployment and professional quality VR experiences in a convenient and portable stand-alone form factor.

Though no price has been released the Vive Focus development page offers some insight into what we can expect from the stand-alone headset:

  • Premium Untethered Experience (No tethered PC or external sensors)
  • Inside-Out 6DOF Tracking – 110 degree field of view, World-scale tracking, internal 9-axis and proximity sensors.
  • Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Processor
  • 3k AMOLED Screen – 2800×1600 resolution w/ low latency

You can find more information on the VIVE FOCUS developers page.

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