Star Citizen Updated to Alpha 3.9: Locked Up & Loaded

Star Citizen

Cloud Imperium Games has sent word that the most ambitious update to the alpha of its upcoming sci-fi MMORPG, Star Citizen, has been deployed. The game version is now sitting at Alpha 3.9 and is titled “Locked Up & Loaded”. The update brings a number of new and improved featured into the game including new missions, locations, and systems. According to the development team, many of the new additions to the game have come as a direct result of community feedback.

Cloud Imperium’s CEO Chris Roberts said, “Our universe continues to evolve and grow, and through the release of Alpha 3.9: Locked Up and Loaded, our players will have the ability to experience more socially driven adventures fueled by exciting new gameplay additions and technology enhancements,” said Cloud Imperium Games CEO and Star Citizen creative director Chris Roberts. “Today’s launch is part of our continued commitment to deliver notable updates on a consistent basis that greatly improve the overall experience in Star Citizen, and we continue to be humbled by the overwhelming support from our active players and community who contribute in making Star Citizen a success.”

Some of the new content available for players to explore includes:

  • a unified Friends List
  • the addition of the Klescher Automated Prison
  • the Babbage Landing Zone
  • The Price of Freedom Mission
  • the Esperia Prowler ship
  • a brand new Player Status System
  • the Weapon Attachment UI feature

Learn more about Locked Up & Loaded by visiting the Star Citizen official site.

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