Star Citizen’s Squadron 42 beta delayed

Squadron 42

Probably to the surprise of no one, Star Citizen’s standalone single-player RPG, Squadron 42, will have its beta phase delayed by three months. The delay was revealed in a new FAQ produced by Roberts Space Industry, developers of Star Citizen. The FAQ is centered on the “staggered development” of the ambitious space-themed MMO and the smaller, singleplayer RPG. With the focus set squarely on the MMO, the RPG has been delayed of necessity. This puts the launch of the beta somewhere between July and September 2020.

From the FAQ:

What does this (staggered development) mean for Squadron 42?

Ultimately, this is a really good thing for the game’s development as well. Both games share a codebase and as features come online for both games, they will be in a more stable/playable state, reducing potential blockers that can hinder and slow down development. You will, of course, notice that our target Beta date has moved back by 12 weeks in today’s Roadmap update, but this is a necessary step as a result of changing the overall development cadence, which we expect will create positive results in the overall delivery and experience.

S42 has been proudly showcased by RSI due in part to its star, Mark Hamill. Hamill was featured in several videos as he was taking part in “mocap” sessions — impressively shown in game as well.

Star Citizen has generated nearly $280M between private investors and crowdfunding initiatives, including $46M for S42 alone.

Learn more about Squadron 42 on its official site.

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