Star Conflict: Rise of Giants

star conflict

Star Conflict: Rise of Giants

Enter your cockpits and man your guns, with the latest update to Star Conflict brings about many upgrades, weapons, ships, PVE Missions and let’s not forget PVP Battles. Star Gem Inc have gone to great lengths to start this new year out with a bang.

New PVE System “UMC Missions”

The developers have kept true to their word and significantly changed and expanded their PVE missions. Missions from ranks 1-17 will have various levels of difficulty ranging from level 1 to infinity. As expected players will only have access to the first difficulty to start, as players progress through the levels more difficult levels will become available.

  • All pilots completing PvE missions get a special valuable resource “Insignia”.
  • The earned Insignia can be used to increase mission
  • The earned Insignia can be used to enhance your defenses and power in PvE missions.

Take note that PVE mission of ranks 6-17 and beyond are now called “Deadly Challenges”. These are not part of the new system.

New Co-Op PVE story campaign called The Price of Trust challenges players to aid in the protection and rescue of Ellydium Corporations Dreadnought. This massive warship named “Defiant” is adrift in space and is sought after by the clutches of fierce pirates. This story is choice driven allowing the interactions to evolve based on player’s decisions.

Other additions

  • Destroyer, Ellydium’s “Ze’Ta”
  • Locations – Pilgrim-11
  • Color Schemes
  • Additional Trading Options
  • Improved User interface
  • Stickers
  • Bundles and more

What is Star Conflict?

Star Conflict is a free-to-play MMO space action game. The Core of the game is PVP spaceship battles with elements of PVE and an open world to explore. This game uses a free to play business model with in-game purchases. Star Conflict has been available on steam since February 2013 and released September 4, 2014. Available on Microsoft Windows, SteamOS, Linux and OS X.

For more information about “Rise of Giants”, read the news on the  official Star Conflict website here:

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