Star Control Origins gets free Reinforcements DLC

Star Control DCMA

Stardock Entertainment has announced that Star Control Origins, their space role-playing game, is getting a free DLC called Reinforcements. This latest DLC pack will double the number of playable ships for the Fleet Battles Mode as well as allow players more options when creating their fleets for combat.

The DLC will also include new ships with unique weapon loadouts and designs all of which can be used in multiplayer. To see all of the ships head on over to their forums. For a full list of features as well as information head on over to the official site.

Also released today is update 1.3 which includes new features to encourage more exploration during the main story as well as better ship control, new weapons and crafting options. Be sure to check out all the new features on the site above.

Star Control: Origins can be purchased over on Steam or through the sites own store for $39.99 USD. The new DLC can be picked up right here.

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