Star Seeker: The Secret of the Sorcerous Standoff Unveils a Whodunnit With Wizards

Star Seeker: The Secret of the Sorcerous Standoff

Become a wizard, investigate crimes, and find out whodunnit with wizards when Star Seeker: The Secret of the Sorcerous Standoff launches in November.

Apparating into sight on Steam and today, Star Seeker: The Secret of the Sorcerous Standoff is an upcoming indie adventure that mixes runestones, rituals, humour, and plenty of point and click crime-fighting for a wonderful looking jaunt through the world of magic. Available on PC, via Steam and Itch,.io, on 4 November, this charming little puzzler puts players in the robes of Star Seeker – a mischievous “arcane professional” working off their parole by solving magical crimes stumping local detectives.This compact crime takes place in just one room. You’ll begin this top-down detective story with one dead wizard, a candle grasped in his hand. A hologram glitches in the doorway, bullet frozen in midair. A cute goat bleats suspiciously in the corner. From here you’ll need to pull the evidence out a hat and stop the perpetrator from vanishing before you close the case.

Despite a single scene-setting, Star Seeker: The Secret of the Sorcerous Standoff contains unique dialogue for every single combination of clues, a room of red herrings, and a detective who doesn’t know his Fire Bolt from his Mage Hand.

Developer Benedict Ide said “I wanted to avoid invalidating players’ ideas with the same ‘oops, that’s not right, try again’ response when item combinations didn’t work. I thought to myself, “what if I made a mystery game where you’ve got like thirty clues and you can use any of them and they all have tailored responses?

This ridiculously complex line of logic makes this a particularly potent combination of ideas for a traditional point and click. With a cute pixel art style, a splendorous sounding musical accompaniment, and plenty of potential routes to the truth, Star Seeker: The Secret of the Sorcerous Standoff is out soon. You can find out more, or check out the free demo over on now.

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