Star Trek Fleet Command Warps Onto PC

Star Trek Fleet Command warps onto PC today, porting the successful mobile experience onto big screens and putting you in the captain’s chair.

Available right now, for free, this port of ViacomCBS and Scopley’s hugely successful mobile game and Star Trek spin-off, has arrived on PC globally. Originally launched on iOS and Android devices back in 2018, this 4X massively multiplayer online tactical experience allows players to explore and conquer the quadrant with a massive array of iconic ships, crews, and captains from across Trek lore. Not that lore, the one that isn’t an android.

The PC launch of Star Trek Fleet Command provides players with a new viewscreen into this universe, and an opportunity to pick up where they left off. Scopely has confirmed that this new release isn’t just a port but a true cross-platform experience. Cross-progression enables anybody to seamlessly and play from the palm of their hand or their at-home bridge without missing a single photon torpedo. PC players will also get access to a number of additional extras, including a cache of unique cosmetic avatars and frames during launch week and an opportunity to win a custom ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Borg Cube PC. One of the biggest boosts cross-platform progression will bring is a potential explosion in the title’s player base, expanding rosters for in-game Alliances. These are a crucial part of Star Trek Fleet Command, where communication and coordination are key to bringing forces to bear.

Star Trek Fleet Command is something of a unique entry into the ranks of Star Trek gaming. It’s closest to the real-time strategy experience of Star Trek Armada while allowing players the scope of a fully fledged 4X title and the freedom to play with ships from across the Trek timelines. Allowing potential captains to build  an array of powerful ships crewed by iconic characters such as Spock, Picard, and Kang, you’ll be able to upgrade your forces and deploy them to push back alliances and hold territory against other players. If you’ve wanted to pitch a classic Klingon D7 against an Intrepid class starship then this sci-fi strategy might be worth a look. You can check out all the sips, captains, and crew available to you over on the official website now.

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