Star Vikings Forever Announced For iOS, Android, PC, Mac and Linux

Akupara Games sent out a word about the worldwide release of Star Vikings Forever. The next game from Chroma Squad creator’s,  Rogue Snail, will come out for iOS, Android, PC, Mac as well as Linux on July 6.

Star Vikings Forever – a lighthearted Puzzle RPG

The developers promise a game filled with quirky characters, vibrant environments and challenging puzzles. Star Vikings Forever will provide an entertaining journey both on casual and hardcore levels of difficulty.

Designed for people who miss games from a time before “free to play” and microtransactions, when quality, fun and accessibility came before “monetization”.
How does it play? It’s a bit hard to describe, so check the video. But imagine a “reverse Plants vs. Zombies” where you are attacking instead of defending.

  • Unique Puzzle/RPG Gameplay – Based on teamwork and chain reactions
  • Procedurally-Generated Puzzles – For endless replayability
  • 8+ Hours of Story Mode – Packed with colorful characters and humorous dialogue
  • New Game Plus Mode – Brings additional puzzles and gameplay
  • Six Classes – Each with unique, upgradeable skills
  • Hats!1!– Craft special and magical hats to gain additional boosts
  • Secrets!!! – Hidden levels and crazy unlockables
  • Facebook Leaderboard Integration (iOS and Android Only)
  • Steam Leaderboard Integration (Steam Only)

You can find out more about the game on the official site as well as check out the trailer above.

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