Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Epic Space Battles in Iconic Ships

The Star Wars Battlefront 2 game play trailer for Gamescom is out and is it amazing. It shows off some pretty epic space battles as well as some of the series’ best-known ships.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

During multiplayer, you’ll have the chance to fly some of the ships you’ve probably dreamed of since childhood. Of course you’ll find X-Wings and Y-Wings as well as Darth Maul’s Infiltrator and Han Solo’s Millenium Falcon. Add in a Trade Federation fighter, capital ships and many others, and it’s a pitched battle for control of space. You’ll find ships from ever Star Wars era imaginable.

This trailer shows off Starfighter Assault mode, part of the multiplayer component of the game. One of the more interesting things is that all ships will control the same. Player skill becomes the most important value in multiplayer ship control rather than the ship’s weight ‘driving’ the action.

Players will also get to take part in space fighting action in the single player campaign as well. The setting for single player is just after the Battle of Endor.

SW:BF2 is primed for launch on November 17th for PlayStation 4 and XBox One as well as PC. According to EA, there will also be a beta of some type between October 4-9.

Learn more on the official site.

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