Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Influenced By Clone Wars And Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Battle

If you’re a Star Wars fan whose also a gamer then you no doubt already know about last weekend’s announcement to launch a new single-player Star Wars adventure game releasing on November 15th of this year entitled Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Given Electronic Arts’ rocky road during the last eighteen months or so it might not be the best time to launch another Star Wars game. In spite of this, our friends over at met with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order writer Chris Avellone who shared his insights on working on Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming Star Wars adventure.

Chris Avellone admits there is “some pressure” to working on this project. Regardless, Chris feels optimistic and tries to alleviate our fears with the knowledge that there are some positive things to believe in as he states:

But one bright shining point of light is Respawn’s track record. Even when they don’t advertise a game, like Apex Legends, it still comes screaming out of the gate.

Among other things, Avellone puts a lot of faith in the studio’s proven track record with Apex Legends. It’s also noted that the studio is:

staffed by many past Call of Duty developers, and received high praise for the single-player mode of its previous release Titanfall 2

Chris Avellone was actually requested specifically by Respawn. Avellone does have previous Star Wars games’ experience as he was lead designer and writer on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2. Interestingly enough Avellone states to

I didn’t want to work on Star Wars. I couldn’t believe I’d left Black Isle to go work on a Star Wars game. By this time, the first KOTOR hadn’t come out at all. I just knew it was a sequel to a BioWare game, I didn’t know what it was about. I then had to get immersed in a franchise which, I’ll be honest, at that time I did not like. I didn’t really like where the arcs were going, I’m very much an Empire Strikes Back kinda guy and the purist, kinda dark Star Wars felt more honest to me.

Avellone assures us that Fallen Order will also uphold, “certain pillars of the franchise.” Avellone goes on to talk about his love of the Star Wars franchise and what speaks to him in the Clone Wars and Rebels series.

You can see hints of Rebels’ influence in particular in the reveal trailer. Protagonist Cal Kestis is hunted by Second Sister, a sibling of the show’s Seventh Sister — both of whom are members of the Inquisitors, the Force-sensitive group hired by the Empire to hunt escaped Jedi throughout Rebels.

You can read the full interesting interview by visiting HERE.

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