Star Wars Pinball VR Review

User Rating: 9.5

There is one type of game that I will always go to when visiting an arcade, the pinball machines. Zen Studios has brought Star Wars Pinball VR to life in a beautiful way on the Oculus Quest platform. With many tables to play on, different animations to be seen, and lots of other fun stuff to look at and do we will discuss if it is worth it in our review below so sit tight.


The first thing I will say is that this title in virtual reality is beyond amazing. It is everything I wish I had in a man-cave with all the accessories that I would love. From the giant television to the huge imperial walker to the pinball tables themselves. Everything is life-size and ready to be messed with. Each of the tables themselves is interactive and light up the screen. My son watched me play from my computer monitor and was loving the experience himself. There are eight total tables to play from including The Mandalorian and Rebels. The Mandalorian table is by far my favorite. When you start playing on the table Grogu sits in his hover pod watching over you. All of a sudden Mando flies in and lands next to the table and it’s a huge surprise.

Table mechanics work very well on the Oculus Quest headset. There is virtually no delay between clicking your control buttons and the table buttons to move the flappers. It really does feel like you are standing right at a pinball machine as you are playing with the haptic feedback. Each table comes with its own special figures that show up near you as well as animated actions that occur during play as well. I love how involved you become as you are looking around at everything in your VR man-cave. One other cool feature that you can choose to partake in is the pseudo story mode. If you walk up to the big screen television you can see that there are requirements to complete score challenges on different tables. As you complete these challenges you can unlock statues and other collectibles to play around the room you are in, including music for the jukebox.


There isn’t much to hate from a Star Wars fan about a Star Wars pinball experience. I guess I would say that I wish the game could be more immersive without having the clunky point and click to move controls. I get it though, without an omnidirectional treadmill it is kind of hard to walk around like normal. Ready Player One has spoiled most of us gamers with the possibilities that are possible for Virtual Reality. While this is the only real gripe I have with pinball in VR I will say that my overall experience has been a positive one and I can’t wait to try out other Star Wars titles on my Quest 2. It is worth the money to me. Adding more interactive mechanics or characters around your man-cave could add a bit more immersion as well.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on Oculus Quest 2 with a code provided by PR.

Star Wars Pinball VR has given me one of my first experiences on the Quest 2 headset and it didn’t disappoint. It has almost everything a Star Wars fan such as myself would want for long gaming sessions with a headset on. For $24.99 it is worth the money to play tables from the original trilogy and some of the other better television shows and movies as well. I highly recommend this title for any VR enthusiast or Star Wars fan.
  • Great table mechanics
  • Full size man-cave to decorate and explore
  • Nostalgia hits big with this one
  • I want more immersion

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