Star Wars Squadrons Details Customization

Star Wars Squadrons

Electronic Arts shared a new blog post for the upcoming Star Wars Squadrons aimed at detailing customization both for pilots and starfighters. As you play Star Wars Squadrons, you will be able to unlock components that can be equipped to change how your ship functions in a variety of ways, from subtle to radical.

Some impact your starfighters passively, such as by reinforcing their defensive capabilities with different hulls or shields, while others have more active changes, such as what abilities you can use. Creating loadouts that suit both your playstyle and the situations you face will help pilots excel in combat.

There is a total of 7 components, though ships without generators only have access to 6: primary weapons, auxiliary (x2), countermeasures, hull, shields, engines.

In addition to customization affecting your gameplay, Squadrons also offers cosmetic customization for pilots and starfighters. When you start up, you’ll have the traditional appearances of your pilots equipped: an orange flight suit for the New Republic and a black one for the Empire. Your pilot appearances will be used in both the single-player story mode and the multiplayer modes.

Most cosmetics are unlocked via Glory points that you earn while playing: both pilots will have multiple heads and voices to choose from that can be matched and mixed freely.

You’ll be able to get pretty creative with how your pilot looks with options for different heads, full-body flight suits, torso apparel, legwear, helmets, and gloves. The team has sourced a ton of references from across the Star Wars canon to ensure they’re as authentic as possible while also introducing some new things. Whether you want a traditional look or something that makes you stand out in the briefing room, there are lots of options for you.

Starfighters can customize their hull/paint job, decals (including familiar insignias like the Phoenix Squadron’s starbird), dashboard miniatures, hanging flair and cockpit. You’ll be able to add small knick-knacks on your dashboard, like a hologram of the galaxy, or hang a small Stormtrooper helmet from above.

Star Wars Squadrons is coming October 2 to PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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