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Star Wars Squadrons

The Star Wars: Squadrons team has taken to the net to give future players a peek inside several key systems designed to keep them invested in the game. The new blog post lays out the details for Ranks, Rewards, and Progression throughout the game.

There are several ways that players can earn experience and in-game currency needed to purchase customization items and ship upgrades during gameplay. These include Challenges, Operations, and a player’s Level.

Challenges come in two types: Daily and Operation. Daily Challenges offer a variety of tasks for players to complete For example, players might be charged with completing Dogfight matches or winning matches in Fleet Battles vs AI, or even destroying enemy ships as an X-Wing or TIE fighter. Each of these challenges reward players with Glory, an in-game currency that is used to unlock cosmetics for starfighters and pilots and “encourage you to try different ships and components to achieve completion”.

When enough Daily Challenges are complete, the Operation Challenge is engaged. These reward players unique cosmetics and “are tied to the game’s ongoing Operations”. Operations run on an 8-week cycle. Once the OC is complete, it will disappear along with its unique cosmetics. Whether it will return at some point in the future remains unknown.

During Operations, players can work on their Fleet Battles rank. These are competitive ranks that reset with each Operation. Players will first need to compete in ten placement matches.

Ranks include:

  • Maverick
  • Hotshot
  • Hero
  • Valliant
  • Legend
  • Galactic Ace

As for player progression, the team had this to say about Levels:

“Players also have their own personal level. Your level is a linear progression path that does not reset, unlike your competitive rank. For the first forty levels, you’ll unlock Requisition points that can be used to unlock ship components. If you’re one of our more dedicated pilots and you hit level 40, you’ll have enough points to unlock all components, allowing you to try out every potential starfighter build. Our goal with leveling isn’t that you’ll get more powerful as you level up, but rather that you’ll have more options available to you (via components) as you play.”

Check out the full post on the Star Wars: Squadrons official site.

Look for the game on Friday, October 2nd for PC (Origin, Steam, Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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