STAR WARS: The Old Republic – 10-Year Celebration Montage

Developer Bioware is celebrating 10 years of Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO. Previously the team shared SWTOR’s amazing cinematics upscaled to 4k resolution, and now they are back with the special 10-year celebration montage video you can find above.

Beginning in 2009, the history of Star Wars: The Old Republic has been told through the lens of five cinematic trailers: Deceived, Hope, Return, Sacrifice, and Betrayed. Newly rendered in 4K, these trailers paint a vivid picture of The Old Republic saga. Now, a decade since launch, Darth Malgus has returned and pursues some nefarious, unknown plan. Unravel these mysteries as your choices continue to shape the galaxy when Legacy of the Sith launches on December 14th, 2021.

Legacy of the Sith will send players to the darkest depths and farthest reaches of the galaxy and unlock the ability to choose your personal combat style, allowing for more options than ever before when it comes to living in your own Star Wars fantasy.


  • An Ongoing Conflict. The war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire spreads to new worlds! Dangerous fringe groups rise in the dark corners of the galaxy ​and Darth Malgus pursues an unknown plan… Unravel these mysteries and more as your choices continue to shape the galaxy.
  • More Choices in How You Play. The expansion is introducing Combat Styles! Players can now separate their Class Story from gameplay style for an even greater customization experience.
  • Return to the Underwater Depths. The Sith Empire has invaded Manaan to seize its abundance of kolto, a vital medical resource on all sides of the war. Battle through underwater facilities for control of the planet with separate Imperial and Republic Storylines.
  • Explore a Ruined Sith Fortress. The story continues on the planet Elom with the discovery of a ruined Sith Fortress that was mysteriously erased from all records.
  • Gather Your Allies in Deep Space. An obscure Sith cult is harvesting technology from an ancient weapon of terrifying power. In the new R-4 Anomaly Operation, players will need to gather their allies to take down this galactic threat in deep space!
  • Improved Player Experience. Players can expect a completely new character creation experience, along with new looks for the character sheet, inventory, and much more.

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