Star Wars: The Old Republic Arrives on Steam

Star Wars: The Old Republic

As part of EA’s continuing commitment to bringing its games to Steam, the company has announced that Star Wars: The Old Republic is now available on the mega game platform. Players can download the MMORPG immediately and get into the game, choose an iconic Star Wars race and class as well as embark down the Dark or Light side of the Force.

The Steam version is fully cross-play and cross-save compatible with the stand-alone version. This means that all progress carries over to wherever it is that a player is logged in.

As part of SWTOR‘s arrival on Steam, a number of new collectibles have been added including trading cards, profile backgrounds, and emoticons. In a future update, there will also be over 100 Steam-specific achievements added. Any achievements previously earned via the stand-alone client will be retroactively added to a player’s Steam achievements.

Check out the full announcement on the Star Wars: The Old Republic official site.

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