Starcraft 2 Goes Free to Play Beginning Nov 14th


During Blizzcon 2017 over the past weekend, Blizzard announced that Starcraft 2 is going free to play. You’ll be able to start playing on November 14th.

What does Starcraft 2 F2P mean?

If you’re wondering if there are strings attached to the announcement, it appears there are not. However, there are some things you should know.

Here are the details:

Starting November 14th, the original Wings of Liberty campaign is free. It is the first episode in the SC2 trilogy.

If you already own Wings of Liberty, you’ll receive the Heart of the Swarm add-on. It’s zerg-focused and is the second episode. However, you’ll need to claim it between November 8th and December 8th to get it for free.

If you wil 10 First Wins of the Day in Unranked or Versus AI, you’ll unlock ranked multiplayer. You will also gain access to all three episodes’ units.

If you’re a fan of the co-op commander system, you can play them all for free up to level 5. You can play with friends in “these extra challenging missions”. You’ll see Raynor and Kerrigan as well as Artanis, all three of whom are always free without restriction.

If you miss getting Heart of the Swarm for free, no worries! You can purchase all of the other campaigns, including the Nova Covert Ops missions, for $15 each. There is also a bundle for $40. You’ll also enjoy future updates including announcer packs, special skins and new co-op commanders.

Lastly, if you own all three episodes, you’ll be sent a small thank-you gift of a new Ghost skin as well as three new portraits.

You can learn all of the details on the official site.

You can also get the original Starcraft and Brood Wars expansion free!

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